Instructions For 2016 Watch Night Service

2016 Watch Night Service Flyer
1. One thing on you must be new. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a new cloth but it could be part of your dressing.(E.g. socks).
2.  From Wednesday, bring a life-becoming offering. This will be an offering of your 2017 age. For example, if you are 49 this year but you are turning 50 in 2017, bring a life-becoming offering of $50. You can do this for your children and loved ones. This has to be laid on the altar before the watch night service begins.
3. Living praise: For all that God has kept from 2016 to 2017, we will in church sanctuary from 9pm to 10pm to offer praises to God before watch night service begins at 10pm.
4. Come with a new handkerchief and a new anointing oil. We are encouraged to bring small bottles for our children.
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