Prayer Points

  1. Father, give me a picture of my future in the name of Jesus.
  2. Father, give me the capacity to think well in Jesus name.
  3. Father, thank you for my mind to capture my future
  4. Father, I receive the capacity to see things the way you see and think with your mind
  5. I receive the mind of Christ in the name of Jesus
  6. Father, increase my capacity
  7. May God increase our faith capacity that will stop satanic opposition in our lives in Jesus name.
  8. Father increase my faith capacity to remove any limitation in my life in the name of Jesus Christ
  9. Father, I receive the anointing that will take me from a shepherd boy to a Goliath killer in Jesus name
  10. Everyone operating in lesser capacity than they are supposed to, receive the anointing to operate in full capacity in the name of Jesus.


  1. May all the heart desires of all those here today be granted in the name of Jesus Christ.
  2. What has restricted you in the past will no longer be able to restrict you any longer in the name of Jesus Christ
  3. Because I have the mind of Christ, I will not fail.
  4. Prophetic Declaration: I have the capacity to kill my Goliath in the name of Jesus.
  5. Prophetic Declaration: I am not average; I will operate in my full capacity in Jesus name.